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In case you missed the recent battle of two billionaire titans on CNBC, check out the video.  A quick summary, two of the most notorious businessmen in America sounded off on each other like two school children on live national T.V.  They beat their chests, boasted about their net-worth, and made every effort to  to belittle each other for their lack of integrity or how little the other had accomplished.  Bill Ackman and Carl Icahn have both had incredible careers in business and I certainly have no right to question what they have accomplished or how they choose to conduct themselves.  They have both spent their entire professional careers working to reach where they are today.  After watching their childish altercation play out, I couldn’t help but ask myself the question “why do I work?”  Further, “what is the reason for my work?”  My first initial thoughts:

To Provide-I have a wife and two young kids that I feel responsible to provide for.

To Accomplish-I spent years in school studying to receive an undergraduate degree along with a MBA.  According to Strengthsfinder2.0, my top strength is an Achiever, I’m always looking for a new mountain to climb.

To Create- I love working with others to create something bigger than myself.

Sure, these are just a few perfectly acceptable justifications for why I work.  Yet I find myself continuing to wrestle with these questions.  Is working all about my needs, my dreams, my ambitions?

As believers, I challenge all of us to take a deeper look into our purpose for work.  Colossians 3:23 may give you a fresh perspective.

What are your thoughts on why we work?  For those who feel called to be in the Marketplace, what is our purpose everyday?

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